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Internet Relay


Hello visitorss!!

Sorry for long delays between my posts, I’m kind of busy these days….

Here i’m sharing one of my other projects with you guys.

This is an online remote controller, which has 3 outputs (Relays), you can control these relay on your web browsers with a little port forwarding and stuff.

In this project I’m using an Atmega8 and Enc28j60 chip .

PDF pcb file and also avr-gcc  project files are availabe for download.

C++ program source is for TUX_GRAPHICS but I have  designed the board by my self and compiled the source code based on my circuit.

The current source which you download is programmed for a server controller which I use for this site’s server!!




Compiler: AVR-GCC

Microcontroller: ATMEGA8

Files: source code 0.1PCB 


10 Responses to Internet Relay

  • Enda Wyler says:

    Ohh!! But this is a very nice post!

  • saeed says:

    Hi, if you connect it internet IP adress of your device how set?

    • Mahan-Admin says:

      Hi saeed, I’m not sure what you mean but I think you are the one who was trying to connect this device to the internet and control it from long distances?!
      And for that you need to set the boards ip address in your router’s ip address renge for example if your routers ip address is you need to set the ip address between and or if its, then it should be between and, after that you need to set the ip forwarding setting or DMZ setting in your router, if you don’t know how to do that please leave your routers model number in next comment and I will show you or if you want to speak Persian please email me , you can find my email on “about me ” page.
      Thank you

  • saeed says:

    tnx for answering.
    I actually want to make a relays that can be controlled from far away. I see your blog and think this is what i want. i dont have exprience with Enc28j60 before. i dont know how to set IP adress in that chip, and also dont know how to check web servers from uC by Enc28j60?

    • Mahan-Admin says:

      For the IP address you have to change it on the “main.c” file where it says IP address and then compile it and program the hex file on ur micro controller , the compiler used is Avr- GCC on Linux or wingcc for windows users.
      I don’t understand your last question ” dont know how to check web servers from uC by Enc28j60?” , what do you mean?

  • saeed says:

    thanks again
    I mean to change relays status microcontoller must check web ( like MySQL) server and if something has been changed on the web server micro also change the relays status.

    • Mahan-Admin says:

      Well there are two ways to do that , the one that the micro Checks and pings the website is kind of hard and depends on the webpage that the micro is going to Check , is it a simple page or ….. Does it change template or……
      The other way which is really easy is that if the mysql server is yours and you can edit the website the. You can write a really simple HTML /php code so it should connect to the micro controllers IP address and control the relays
      Now which way you can do it?!

  • saeed says:

    Ok, it seem i have to do 2nd, but i’m not expert in html. It’s your kindly if help me with that.
    Thank you.

  • saeed says:

    And one more thing, Is it necessary to buy a web server client for that or a simple weblog can do it?

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